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BY 2019.11.19 “DO OUR CHILDREN HAVE A FUTURE”? Question from Andrei Lemeshonok – St. Elisabeth Convent


В нашей стране проходит сбор подписей под Обращением граждан к Президенту Республики Беларусь с просьбой инициировать принятие Закона о запрете пропаганды и публичной демонстрации гомосексуализма и других половых извращений несовершеннолетним и внесение ответственности за эти действия в Уголовный кодекс.

In our country, signatures are being collected under the Citizens’ Appeal to the President of the Republic of Belarus with a request to initiate the adoption of the Law on the prohibition of propaganda and public demonstration of homosexuality and other sexual perversions to minors and the introduction of responsibility for these actions into the Criminal Code.


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Confessor of the Holy Elisabeth Convent Archpriest Andrei Lemeshonok:

Andrei Lemeshonok St. Elisabeth Convent in Minsk

This is an action against the promotion of LGBT values among minors (LGBT is an abbreviation that originated in English for lesbian (Lesbian), gay (Gay), bisexual (Bisexual), and transgender (Transgender)).

We cannot stand aside!

– An appeal to the President is signed in Belarus. Do I need to sign the appeal? Of course, you do. We must have our say. Whether they hear him or not, it is not up to us to decide.

That is why we are building the Kovcheg spiritual and educational center, and therefore we are working here so that people come to God and become Orthodox. Then, of course, the issue of preserving the family and life on the planet will be resolved. And if a person lives and has no spiritual values, he has no support, and there is no meaning in life at all. And there is no meaning in life because, for him, there is no eternity, no soul, nothing spiritual at all. There is only a body. And he distorts this body, and it becomes meaning for him. After all, the fact of the matter is that all this is done so that a person would forget about his birthright, that the Lord created him.

Now, it turns out, the child himself can decide who he should be – a boy or a girl, he himself can choose, he does not need God. This is a protest against God, this is a rebellion, this is a war with God. And people, out of cowardice, out of unwillingness to be unpopular, are silent. Do you understand? They are silent!

When it is on display, when there are gay pride parades, when young people are involved and poisoned by this madness, one cannot be indifferent. This is an abomination!

It’s another matter when a person is sick. People who suffer from this come to me for confession, they begin to repent, they pray, and I explain to them what it is. And the result is good: families are created, life becomes normal, and children are born.

Today many people, even those who do not accept these perversions for themselves and their loved ones, do not agree with this phenomenon, treat it as a norm, believe that this can take place in society. This is scary. This tolerance is also propaganda. For a long time, films about the sin of Sodom, mostly Western, began to be created on purpose, purposefully. All this, all this sin is so beautifully presented … But this is devilishness!

We must remember that there is a struggle for every soul.

The text of the appeal can be read here >>

Brief instructions on how to sign an appeal >>

Addresses of outlets where you can sign an appeal >>

Andrei Lemeshonok St. Elisabeth Convent Minsk

Andrei Lemeshonok words 11/19/2019


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