MASLOW Maxim Evgenievich, Маслов Максим Евгеньевич
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BY 2019.11.16 MASLOV M.Ye. ( Маслов Максим Евгеньевич) Department of Education Administration of Minsk

ANSWER from the EDUCATION ADMINISTRATION DEPARTMENT Regarding my PETITION from 2019.09.17 to the MINISTRY of EDUCATION with the question, where do my Children attend EDUCATION!?

MASLOW Maxim Evgenievich, Маслов Максим Евгеньевич

MASLOW Maxim Evgenievich ( Маслов Максим Евгеньевич)
Deputy Head of Education Department Administration of the Oktyabrsky District Minsk

Phone: (017) 213 28 15


While researching this school, I was extremely shocked. This was an Extreme Religious School (St. Elisabeth Convent) under the management of the Ultranationalist and Businessman Andrei Lemeshonok, who is using the Church as an “Umbrella” to run his business!

SCHOOL IXHVIS - The preparation and creation of a new Hitler Youth Generation

SCHOOL IXHVIS at St Elisabeth’s Monastery 

Nicolaos AA Cheropoulos
Father of Anthoula and Alexandra
Stockholm, Nov 2019
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