Yelena Zhdanovich and Ex-Minister of Justice O.L. SLIZHEVSKIY. Елена Жданович и экс-министр Слижевский Олег Леонидович
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BY 2019.10.24 SLIZHEVSKIY O.L. (Слижевский Олег Леонидович) Ex-Minister of Justice & ZADIRAN S.V. Deputy Minister

On the website of the Ministry of Justice, on the page with the title “INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION”, a couple of citations follows that are rather interesting and impressive:

SLIZHEVSKY Oleg Leonidovich, Слижевский Олег Леонидович

SLIZHEVSKIY Oleg Leonidovich (Слижевский Олег Леонидович) Ex-Minister of Justice

ZADIRAN Sergey Vladimirovich, ЗАДИРАН Сергей Владимирович

ZADIRAN Sergey Vladimirovich (ЗАДИРАН Сергей Владимирович) – First
Deputy Minister of Justice of Belarus

Phone: +375 (17) 200-86-87, 200-97-55


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Stockholm, Oct 2019
Reviewed Oct. 2023