PRIGODICH Vitaly Alexandrovich (ПРИГОДИЧ Виталий Александрович)
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BY 2019.10.04 ANSWER from EDUCATION EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Prigodich V.A. on receiving my PETITION

ANSWER from EDUCATION COMMITTEE Prigodich V.A. on my PETITION sent to the Ministry of Education on 17.09.2019 with the request to be informed about what school my daughter Anthie’ will attend or attends.

Despite my repeated attempts, Ms. Trafimovich refused to provide me with any information regarding this issue.

PRIGODICH Vitaly Alexandrovich (ПРИГОДИЧ Виталий Александрович)

PRIGODICH Vitaly Alexandrovich (Пригодич Виталий Александрович)
First Deputy Chairman, Education Executive Committee Minsk

tel./fax: 200 96 79, 203 10 60

Re: Consideration of the appeal

In accordance with Paragraph 3 of Article 10 of Law of the Republic of Belarus No. 300-3 of July 18, 2011, “On Appeals of Citizens and Legal Entities”, the Education Committee of the Minsk City Executive Committee is referring to the appeal of Nicolas Cheropoulos for consideration and reply to the appellant according to the established procedure.

Attached Hereto: The Complete Answer

Nicolaos AA Cheropoulos
Father of Anthoula and Alexandra
Stockholm, Oct 2019
Reviewed Oct. 2023