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BY 2019.09.19 BELARUS Lukashenka Returns Gomel Teacher Who Threatened Her Student at School

The teacher will work in the same position, but the Principal was fired for doing her job correctly(!).

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There is information on the Internet that the teacher has been reinstated.

This was confirmed by the Homelskaya Prauda newspaper and a source in the secondary school № 15.

We shall remind you that the school’s conflict arose last week. The boy’s classmates recorded the incident on the phone during the lesson, while the parents posted the video on the Internet.

As a result, the teacher was fired. The case received a huge resonance in society. Opinions were divided. Many parents of the pupils took the side of the teacher.

Siarhei Paroshyn, the head of the main department of education of the regional executive committee, commented on the information received by the journalists: “There was a direct order from Lukashenka to reinstate Liudmila Ivanauna at work.” The teacher will work in the same position. Lyudmila Ivanauna has been teaching at this school for 35 years.”