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BY 2019.09.19 BELARUS Lukashenka About Teacher And Desk: If I Were Her, I would Bust the Whiffets Head Open.

Lukashenka About Teacher And Desk: If I Were Her, I would Bust Whiffets Head Open. The dictator spoke out in defense of the teacher who threatened the child.

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Lukashenka has commented on the story of the resonant conflict in secondary school № 15 in Homel, which resulted in the dismissal of the primary school teacher, BelTA informs.

“The fact is that you didn’t hear me at the school assembly when I was opening a new school in Uruchcha that our school is a mess. And the order must be established. Are you waiting for something similar to what happened in Staubtsy, – Lukashenka said. – And it starts from here – with mockery of the teacher. And they capture it on camera and post it on the net. And this is in the fourth grade.

Addressing the governor of Homel region, Hennadz Salavey, Lukashenka said: “A bullet passed by your ear. This is because you are there just recently. Otherwise, you would have gotten what everyone else did”.

“They went, picked a fight, gathered the leaders from the bottom to the top. They wet their pants because something had been posted on social networks. And having wetted their pants, they punished this poor teacher. I would have busted the whiffet’s head open if I were that teacher,” – he said.

“They are glued to their phones there…. Don’t you see, you have children of your own, that the phone and other gadgets at school are not just distractions? They stop thinking. They don’t know how to count. They don’t know the multiplication table because they open the phone and multiply it there. Or look for answers to questions. Is it so hard to understand? My son has never taken his phone to school,” – the dictator said.

“And it has already been explained. But no, only reports I get. Recently, the minister said that they reported that everything was fine. It’s not fine. If such a mess is at school, there is no need for textbooks, programs, or new methods. This is all a waste of money, – Lukashenka said. – And there are commissioners there, and there are assistants there. I’m not talking about the government, Kachanava, who leads the ideology. That is the ideology. So, why did they gather? They haggled and found the scapegoat. You must look deep!” – the dictator said.