KORSHUNOVICH Pavel Ivanovich (Коршунович Павел Иванович)
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BY 2019.06.28 KORSHUNOVICH P.I. (П.И.Коршунович) Chairman of the City Court of Minsk

Supervisory APPEAL against the Decision of the Oktyabrsky District Court of the City of Minsk on December 27, 2018, the Ruling of the Judicial Panel for Civil Cases of the Minsk City Court of April 29, 2019, and the Case in the Civil Case Based on the Statement of Claims of the Citizen of the Republic of Belarus Liudmila Arkadyevna Trafimovich.

KORSHUNOVICH Pavel Ivanovich (Коршунович Павел Иванович)

Judge Pavel Ivanovich Korshunovich (Коршунович Павел Иванович)
Chairman of Minsk City Court (Председатель Минского Городского Суда)

Phone: +375 (17) 308-90-00, +375 (17) 282-06-79
Link: http://court.gov.by/ru/minskij/gorodskoj/sud/

Words of wisdom from Chairman Korshunovich P.I.:

“What rule of law allows the plaintiff to notify the defendant in a case being heard in Court, and since when is such an action a legal notification? How is it shown that the plaintiff actually informed the defendant and that the plaintiff simply did not claim such a thing just to trap and harm her opponent? In the unreasonable scenario where the plaintiff was legally allowed to inform the defendant, how many days before did she have to inform him, and how could the defendant, in fact, appear or be represented in a Court of which he had been unofficially informed by his opponent at the last minute”. By coincidence, as he happened to be visiting his children for Christmas, in a country with a language unknown to him, so that he could be represented by a lawyer, to defend himself. But also, to have gathered the necessary information to fight against a suit?


Supervisory complaint on the Rejection of my Hague Application from the 12th of July 2018 and APPLICATION for Reinstatement of Procedural Time Limits to the Chairman of Minsk City Court, Mr. P.I. Korshunovich. Submitted 21.11.2019.

Your appeal is returned without consideration on the basis of Clause 2, Article 438 of the Civil Procedure Code of the Republic of Belarus (hereinafter – the Civil Procedure Code).

In accordance with the decision of the Oktyabrsky District Court of the City of Minsk dated July 12, 2018, you were denied the satisfaction of the claims against L.A. Trafimovich on the return of the children in accordance with the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction of October 25, 1980.

First Deputy Chairman/ V.V. Grigorovich / Minsk City Court

Once again, it was proven that Justice is exercised by “Amateurs” and Political Prostitutes. The “Rule of  Law” does not exist in Belarus.

Chairman P.I. Korshunovich of Minsk City Court is also known to be involved in Politically Motivated Persecution and denial of Justice.


The Criminals:

Nicolaos AA Cheropoulos
Father of Anthie’ and Alexandra
Reviewed Oct. 2023