KHMARUK Sergey Konstantinovich, Сергей Константинович Хмарук
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BY 2019.06.28 KHMARUK S.K. (ХМАРУК Сергей Константинович) & Karpovich A.V. Prosecutor’s of the Minsk Region

Prosecutor Khmaruk S.K. is also known to be involved in Politically Motivated Persecution and denial of Justice.

KHMARUK Sergey Konstantinovich, Сергей Константинович Хмарук

Prosecutor Sergey Konstantinovich Khmaruk (ХМАРУК Сергей Константинович)
Prosecutor of the Minsk Region

Phone: +375 (017) 306 23 53

KARPOVICH Alexander Vladimirovich, Александр Владимирович Карповиче

Karpovich Alexander Vladimirovich (Александр Владимирович Карповичем)
Deputy Prosecutor for the City of Minsk

Phone: +375 (017) 306 23 53

With a pitiful argumentation in the ruled decision, Deputy Prosecutor Karpovich A.V. proved once again that the Rule of Law and the right to have a FAIR TRIAL do not Exist in Belarus. The Hague Convention does not exist in the Lawless and Political Corrupt State of Belarus.

For your reference, the Honorary Consul of Greece in Minsk is a well-known businessman with a huge financial surface in Belarus who happens to have dual citizenship, both Greek and Belarusian!? Thus, it was obvious that somebody squeezed ( his orchids) him, and he avoided participating as an observer in my further legal battle with various excuses. 

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The deputy’s hand washes the hand of the prosecutor



The Criminals:

Nicolaos AA Cheropoulos
Father of Anthie’ and Alexandra
Reviewed Oct. 2023