Nemesis and the Rule of Law in Belarus
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BY 2017.06.01 Attorney Mr. Alexander Danilevich – Minsk
Attornyes at Law

Attornyes at Law in GR-SW-BY

The most difficult part was to find a lawyer in Belarus who was experienced in the articles of The Hague Convention regarding Child Abduction.

After a lot of disappointment, we decided to work with Mr. Alexander Danilevich, who has a Ph.D. in Law. We also picked him because his law firm presented a child abduction case from Cyprus on their website. However, later I learned that this case was solved outside the courts of Belarus by the parents themselves!

I am sure that Mr. Danilevich is an expert in his field – in the end, he is teaching law at a University in Minsk in addition to his work as an attorney. A win-win situation for him but not in the best interests of his clients in the Totalitarian State of Belarus.

I needed a dedicated lawyer with a fighting spirit who would not sit down when a judge looked at him in a nasty way, although I do understand the reasons after the last developments related to the election procedure in Belarus.

Therefore, I made the mistake of hiring a lawyer with dual interests, but I did not know about this before.

Mr. Danilevich sued me in Sweden for unpaid bills, while in reality, the billing discrepancies were caused by his ex-partner, who did not inform him that the payments from Sweden had been processed and executed a long time before.

I believe that any attorney who wants to work with international clients must be aware of the billing process valid in the country of his client. For instance, in Sweden, the payments are processed through a Legal Aid Body that controls all the payments and not by me directly. So, Mr. Danilevich, besides being an expert in the law, it would help you to catch up on international billing procedures before accusing your own clients!

I strongly advise him to make a Self–audit regarding the fees he asked for! A Ph.D. doesn’t justify and give him the right to ask for a fee of 250 Euros per hour!    

Nicolaos AA Cheropoulos
Father of Anthoula and Alexandra
Stockholm, June 2017
Reviewed Oct. 2023