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BY 2015.10.21 “The Gang” | Investigative Documentary with English subtitles

The film tries to answer the question of why the truth about the circumstances of the journalist’s disappearance and the fate of the disappeared opposition leaders has not been clarified yet.

Sixteen years ago, when Aleksandr Lukashenko was serving his first presidential term, Belarus witnessed a string of disturbing events that shook up the highest ranks of the government and had a chilling event on the society and political opposition. In the span of just a few months, the Deputy Speaker of the Supreme Soviet died, followed by unexplained disappearances of the Minister of Home Affairs, the Deputy Prime Minister, and a respected businessman. Less than a year later, a cameraman of a major television network vanished without a trace. Seemingly unrelated, the cases have remained under separate investigations, with little result and multiple inconsistencies. As the statute of limitations on these cases expires in 2014-2015, a prominent Belarusian human rights defender meticulously examines rare documentary evidence and testimonies of family members, lawyers, and former Belarusian investigators to piece together a nuanced and unsettling picture that links the unsolved disappearances together.

The film is an investigation by director Raisa Mikhailovskaya about the bloody activities of Lukashenko’s “Death Squads”. The authors of the film use documents, archival photos, videos, and interviews with witnesses of those events.


Belsat TV Sep 27, 2015
“Банда” Фильм про “эскадроны смерти”, реж. Раиса Михайловская, д/ф 2015 г., Беларус