Children for War - Monastery School IXVIS Anthoula and Alexandra 2024.02.20
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AA 2024.03.01 Daddy has been fighting since April 2017 for justice and your freedom, Anthoula and Alexandra.

My Dearest Anthoula and Alexandra,

Grandmother Anthoula and Grandfather Alexandros always told me that primitive people without brains fight and create wars, and those with brains use the situation to gain money and power.

I agree, but I must add the following to what my beloved mother and father told me. In the long term, there is no winner in a war, only losers and a lot of people who will suffer, and mothers, fathers, and children will cry with bitter tears for the loss of their loved ones. I saw the video where you, Anthoula, and Alexandra were singing for the Russian soldiers on the frontline. Thus, there are also Ukrainian soldiers on the frontline who fight against the Aggressor for their freedom and independence of their country. For some reason, some Primitive and Barbaric people with questionable intellect are forcing and deceiving children to participate in a project called “Children-Warriors” (Children’s Choir of the IXVIS school) to satisfy their own dark ambitions.

2024.02.20 Children for War – Children’s choir of ICHVIS Monastery School.

Please note that Anthie’ is leaving the stage at 2:25 minutes. Can this be a manifestation of Anthie’? I sincerely hope so. She has done it in the past because her mother didn’t let her and Alexandra talk with me, their Papa! Anthie’ has a clever way of sending messages!

Celebrating Alexandras Birthday in a Cafe in Minsk late in the evening 2019.04.01

Celebrating Alexandra’s Birthday in a Cafe in Minsk late in the evening of 2019.04.01

These sick-minded people will never succeed because you don’t belong there! A photo tells more than thousands of words!

Children for War - Monastery School IXVIS Anthoula 2024.02.20

Children for War – Monastery School ICHVIS Anthoula 2024.02.20

Some perverted minds think you have become “PATRIOTS” and are all ecstatic! Their plan and strategy have been fulfilled. At least, they think so. These individuals don’t care how much damage they do to you, how much they destroy, and that you will be stigmatized for the rest of your lives!

Children for War - Monastery School IXVIS Alexandra 2024.02.20

Children for War – Monastery School ICHVIS Alexandra 2024.02.20

Therefore, I would like to ask you, Anthoula and Alexandra, how you have been taught and learned to define the word “Patriot.” Does it mean that you must hate and denounce everything that does not fit in the theory some sick-minded primitives teach you, Anthoula and Alexandra? If so, then these primitive individuals are deceiving you both without a second thought. They feel secure as long as a criminal and his mafia rule in Belarus.

Children for War - Monastery School IXVIS Anthoula and Alexandra 2024.02.20

Children for War – Monastery School ICHVIS Anthoula and Alexandra 2024.02.20

For a long time, I have been asking myself, why are these people trying so hard to make you, Anthoula, and Alexandra forget about your other half, your Hellenic Roots and Heritage? I am not able to find rational answers! This attitude and behavior only betray their insecurities, deep-seated inferiority complexes, and weak minds. I hope you can one day explain this to Daddy, my cherished daughters, because I cannot find answers no matter how hard I try! Therefore, I always recall what your grandmother Anthoula was telling me.

Do you know that your grandmother Anthoula had the same beautiful and long hair as you, my dear? She also had an excellent voice and sang occasionally at some events, but she told me, when she was alive, that she never liked publicity!

I feel happy to see you, my dear Alexandra and Anthoula, singing with your beautiful voices. Thus, I am asking myself, how will your Mom erase your DNA from Daddy’s side, the Hellenic part, and the “Rebelion” you have inside you? It is obvious to anyone with common sense that you don’t belong there!

Let Them Love Stop Parental Alienation

Let Anthoula and Alexandra Love – Stop Parental Alienation

Daddy Loves you, Anthoula and Alexandra
Your Daddy Nicolaos
Stockholm 2024.03.01