Anthoula and Alexandra with Liudmila 2016
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AA 2023.10.31 Letter to Anthoula and Alexandra related to the Ichvis School they attend

Несколько дней назад я получил коллективное письмо от двух родителей, которых оставили без детей, которых похитили в Беларусь.

Dear Anthoula and Alexandra,

A few days ago, I received a joint letter from two left-behind parents who had their children Abducted to Belarus.

They got their children back, not because of the Judicial system in Belarus, but because of the Abducting mothers who had enough sense to send their children back to the country they were born and Abducted from.

What choked me was the fact that these children were admitted to the same school as you, to the school Ichvis Anthoula and Alexandra! They also told me that they knew you both.

It was not a surprise for me to read because I knew that already. I also know that the level of education is shallow and that life in this environment is not as rosy as your mother pretends. Thus, it felt positive to get this validated and confirmed. Especially from children who don’t tell lies because they don’t have any reason to lie!

These individuals and your mother perceive knowledge as a threat to their fictitious and fake ideals because most of them are illiterate and lazy cowards.

For the moment, I can not do much to change the situation, and I feel sad and desperate that your mother, Liudmila, is intentionally destroying your lives and future. It seems that the destruction of both of you satisfies her unhealthy mind and the imaginary world she is trapped in.

Let Them Love Stop Parental Alienation

I Love You, Anthoula and Alexandra,
Your Daddy Nicolaos

2023.10.31 Amendment:

Dear Anthoula and Alexandra,

You don’t have to pray for Pappa but for your mom, Liudmila, who has chosen a dark road and suddenly starts to feel sorry for you both. Wow…….., for more than six years, she didn’t feel sorry or even think about you for being without your Daddy(!?). Suddenly, and once again, she is using you as an alibi to cover up her Evil and ruthless nature. The only one your mom feels sorry about is herself and nobody else because suddenly, she feels that perhaps her manipulative personality and the lies she is spreading will be exposed…!

She threatened me that if I attempted to expose her, “I WILL DELETE YOU FROM MY LIFE FOREVER, YOU WILL NEVER HEAR FROM ME AGAIN”(!?).

Hello……….. Liudmila, you have been erasing me from my daughters’ lives since 2017, and if you have the dignity to take a closer look at your phone records, you can count the few times you reached out to me on your ten fingers, and that was only when you needed something from me.

Reviewed Oct. 2023