On a Picknik few days after our return from Holidays in Hellas 2016.08.07
Picture of Nicolas


AA 2023.09.29 Papa returned back to Stockholm.

My Dearest Anthoula and Alexandra,

Daddy returned back to our home in Stockholm a few days ago, and it seems that fate has decreed I must continue enduring the separation from you.

Potemkin Stairs in Odessa

The famous Potemkin Stairs

I never told you this, but Daddy had an assignment about the Potemkin Stairs when he went to Luceum many years ago. The famous and dramatic movie full of horror about the Potemkin Stairs has been in my subconscious all these years. Daddy had to analyze and write an essay about the message this movie wanted to express.

Anyway, the experiences I’ve had during this time aren’t worth recounting in detail. The only thing I can say is that our World has gone crazy, and nowadays, it has become a norm to destroy each other and not to find a civilized solution. I never imagined that people could hide so much hatred, aggression, and fanaticism within their hearts.

However, I should not be surprised because I have experienced this with your mother, Liudmila, for over six years now.

One of Ukraines largest railway terminals in Odessa

Odessa Holovna is one of Ukraine’s largest railway terminals

The Russian World and the Russian Orthodox Church have indeed destroyed all bridges, ordinary human values, and norms. There is no return anymore, and I am afraid Belarus and Russia will be completely isolated from the rest of the World. Unfortunately, ordinary Belarusians and Russians will pay the highest price because of two crazy leaders.

There is already an International arrest warrant issued for Putin, and soon, one will be issued for Lukashenko for Child Theft, among other crimes he has committed. I hope and pray that there will soon also be an International arrest warrant for the Charlatan and Child Thief Lemeshonok so he cannot travel anywhere, not even to Serbia.

Odessa tram on Sofievska Street

An Odessa Tram on Sofievska Street

The Russian missile attacks are a frequent phenomenon in the beautiful City of Odessa and create fear on the faces of young children and older people. That was very painful to observe. What is going on is a tragedy, but unfortunately, we have not seen the worst yet. Russia has also bombed and destroyed the Hellenic Consulate in Odessa (!?).

Did you know, Anthoula and Alexandra, that Odessa got its name from the Hellenic Mythology “Οδυσσέας” and that it was a prominent Greek trading center in the past with a Greek minority in the City? This minority still exists, but with not many people left anymore. Thus, there are a few Greek Schools that are still operating with some support from the Hellenic State (at least before the war).

Ancient Greek settlement on Primorsky Boulevard in Odesa

An ancient Greek settlement (under the glass roof) on Primorsky Boulevard in Odessa


“Odessa is a feminine place-name whispering of mythos and fantasy realms. The elegant title comes from the Ukrainian port city Odessa, named by the Russian empress Catherine the Great in homage to the Ancient Greek colony that once resided there”.

In classical antiquity, a large Greek settlement existed at its location no later than the middle of the 6th century BC. It has been researched as a possible site of the ancient Greek settlement of Histria.

“One theory suggests that the name Odessa is derived from the ancient Greek mythological figure Odysseus, renowned for his epic adventures.



Since returning home, I have reconfigured your websites and changed the architecture of them. I was not too fond of the work professionals did and how it worked. They were dysfunctional, and there were always some minor problems (bugs). This time, I did all the work myself, and I am very pleased with the result.

I have learned a lot in web development since I started to build your first site in 2020. That is thanks to Marianna from New York, who pushed me to create a website for you and helped me a lot. Benjamin, who is an extraordinary tutor and kind person, helped me with coding, and the NGO Find My Parent supported me on the road to finalizing the new websites dedicated to you, Anthoula, and Alexandra.

My love for you, Anthoula and Alexandra, remains unwavering, and I yearn to hear from you. I understand that this depends on your mother, Liudmila. Therefore, please understand that I do not hold you accountable for any of this. I simply hope and wait to hear from you.

With all my love from Daddy Nicolaos,
Father of Anthoula and Alexandra
Stockholm, Sept. 2023
Reviewed Oct. 2023