The White Tower in Thessalonica with Anthoula and Alexandra
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AA 2023.08.13 A Frank and Open Letter to Liudmila expressing my opinion on the ongoing war in Ukraine.

Дорогая моя Антула и Александра,

Я пишу этот письмо с тяжелой душой и болью в сердце.

Я надеюсь и желаю, чтобы моё письмо нашло вас здоровыми, счастливыми и в полном благополучии. Это письмо, возможно, будет моим последним для вас, потому что туда, где идет папа, нет возврата.

Antoula and Alexandra with Liudmila 2016

My Dearest Anthoula and Alexandra,

I am writing this letter with a heavy soul and a broken Heart.

I hope and wish that my letter finds you all healthy, happy, and well. This letter will likely be my last letter to you because I am not sure that there is a return where Daddy will go.

I managed to complete your websites, but there are still some minor things to do, but it is unimportant.

The websites are:

They are all connected in a network associated with the main website Daddy, created in 2020.

I hope that Alexandra and you, my dearest Anthoula, will find the websites one day so you can read why we have been separated from each other. Hopefully, when that day comes, both of you will have learned English well enough to read and evaluate the situation yourselves without interference from anyone. In any case, Daddy has translated all the content of the main website into Russian, so you can read the content even if your English is insufficient.

Daddy is leaving on Wednesday, and my first stop will be in Austria. From there, I will continue with the train to reach my destination.

For six years, I have tried all possible and impossible ways to convince your Mom, Liudmila, that she has committed a big mistake, a crime that will destroy all of us. I spent 185.000 Euro to litigate, money that was meant for Alexandras and your education, Anthoula so that you could study at the best institutions in the world. But in your Mom’s, Liudmila’s delusional world, it is my problem!

It is difficult, if not impossible, to deal with authoritarian people with a damaged psyche who don’t realize how much they are destroying for everyone, but primarily for themselves.

Therefore, Daddy stopped trying, and the only thing I have left to give you, Anthoula and Alexandra, is my life.

My life has been empty and worthless without you, my dearest Anthoula and Alexandra. I have already been dead without you both for six years. Therefore, Daddy will go where he can help children and people who suffer and need protection from the ORCs and Barbaric Fascists without Humanity and reasoning.

Perhaps your Mom, Liudmila, believes I support the ongoing bloody War in Ukraine. Well, I don’t because there is no winner, only losers! And Ukrainians and their children will depend on the West for many generations, while Russia will go back to the Stone Age because of a crazy man’s obsessed vision.

There is also another aspect that no one reflects on. The West could have finished this War in three months, but they didn’t because they wanted Russia to become as weak as possible and Ukraine as dependent as possible. This bloody War will help the capitalist machinery work for a few years until a new war occurs elsewhere.

That is Filthy and Hypocritical Politics! Therefore, a question arises: is it better to be ruled by Fascists/Nascists and imperialistic ORCs, or is it better to be governed by Western Pseudo Democracy?

I chose the Western Pseudo Democracy, at least in the Western Pseudo-Democratic model of ruling, people can read, educate themselves, and find facts.

In Russia and Belarus, people are jailed if they try to find the truth and oppose the Totalitarian System with a Parasitic Ideology that is similar to the Taliban’s from Afghanistan.

Anyway, my dear Anthoula and Alexandra, Daddy is sending you photos of our home in Stockholm. I have made some changes so it will be ready for you. Daddy has been sleeping on a new bed sofa and working in the living room for some weeks now.

From our home in Stockholm Sept. 2023

From our home in Stockholm Sept. 2023

I Love You, Anthoula and Alexandra, and if we do not meet again, remember that I Loved both of you more than my life. Therefore, offering You my Life is very easy.

Your Daddy, Nicolaos
Stockholm, 2023.08.13
Reviewed Oct. 2023

P.S. The Open Letter was sent to your Mom, Liudmila, via Viber 2023.08.13 with an attached translation into Russian.