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AA 2023.06.11 Letter to my beloved Daughters Anthoula and Alexandra.
Anthoula and Alexandra

Daddy has stopped his work permanently and is leaving Stockholm in a few days. I have more important and serious work to do somewhere else.

2023.07.22 Amendment;
My intention was to leave Stockholm at the end of June, but couldn’t because the websites Daddy created for you, Anthoula, and Alexandra were not completed. The configuration took a very long time because Daddy made a complicated architecture and structure to connect five websites so they would work smoothly and without problems. To do all this work, Daddy is cooperating with a professional from Pakistan who has been doing a great job, and I hope we will finish the complete setup by the end of July. Daddy wants to complete your Websites before he leaves Stockholm. It is very important for Daddy to know that your Websites is up and running.

I love you, Anthoula and Alexandra. Both give meaning to my life and give me inspiration and a lot of energy to endure and continue my fight. Unfortunately, some Monsters and Hypocrites with Wicked personalities decided to interrupt and steal the life we could have together and destroy your futures. And I am afraid that your Mom is preparing to commit a second Crime to destroy your lives even more. Because, with her Wicked mind, she will feel that she has erased your Hellenic Heritage and completed her mission.

My dearest Anthoula, try to learn this song, and Daddy will also try to learn it so we can sing it together one day. This song is Dad’s favorite, and my imagination is running away, wondering how it would be to see you on a stage performing it. I think my eyes will be full of tears for sure. I am sure I will not be able to perform it as well as you, my Dearest Anthoula, but for sure, I will try. Practice gives perfection, they say (I am not so sure in Daddy’s case).

Never Enough

Dear Anthoula and Alexandra, if you want to talk with me, ask your Mom to voice-record your message on Viber and send it to me. I no longer want to talk to your mother and listen to her Lies and Fairy Tales. But if she needs help, I will reach out my hand to help her because I am not like her. I Love you both, and I am very concerned about you, Anthoula, and Alexandra and will do whatever I can to Help. What your Mom is doing is Evil, Cruel, and not Humane.

I Love You, Anthoula and Alexandra, and try to be as close as possible to both of You. Hopefully, I will stay alive as long as my Kismet allows me to.

You see, Daddy wants to leave this world in a vertical position and not like an old and sick man in a bed. I want to end my life as your Grandmother Anthoula did so nobody else will suffer!

My Love knows no Distance

Love You, Anthoula and Alexandra

Your Daddy, Nicolaos
Stockholm, June 2023
Reviewed Oct. 2023