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AA 2023.06.08 Open Letter to Anthoula and Alexandra sent to their mother, Liudmila via VIBER.

Письмо Антуле и Александре было отправлено через Viber их матери Людмиле Трофимович в RU и EN. Таким образом, я знаю, что не в интересах Людмилы позволять моим дочерям читать его. Но надежда – это последнее, что нас покидает, и я надеюсь, что Антула и Александра обретут ее в будущем.

The letter to Anthoula and Alexandra was sent through Viber to their mother, Liudmila Trafimovich, in RU and EN. Thus, I know that it is not in Liudmilas’ interest to let my Daughters read it. Hope is the last thing that leaves us, and I hope that Anthoula and Alexandra will find it in the future.

Anthoula and Alexandra

My Dearest Anthoula and Alexandra,

I don’t want to talk with your Mom, Liudmila, anymore because she is not serious and is only trying to use me through Alexandra and you, Anthoula. I don’t accept this kind of method from Cowards and Freaks with Wicked Minds anymore, especially now that I have been witnessing what the “Russian World” and the “Russian Orthodox Faith” represent with my eyes.

Some time ago, your Mom asked me to meet and celebrate Alexandra’s birthday together and told me that the Charlatan Andrei Lemeshonok would like us to meet and talk. I answered your Mom the following through Viber;

“Thank you for your kindness and big soul, Liudmila. You should know that you are able to travel without any risk now because the issued international arrest warrant on your name has been revoked. That was achieved after my lawyer and I filed an application to the prosecution authorities in Sweden.

Therefore, we can meet on neutral ground so we can be all together and celebrate Alexandra’s Birthday. You can choose a country of your choice (except Russia and Belarus), and I will take care of all the expenses regarding accommodation and tickets for you and the Children. What I know, my beloved daughter Anthoula has already been abroad”.

“Regarding Andrei Lemeshonok, I would love to meet with him in person on neutral ground so I can have eye contact with him while talking to him. If he wants to have a digital meeting, he arranges it himself with an interpreter, preferably from Greek to Russian. But I can be flexible on that because, as you know, I speak three languages fluently and moderate German”.

My Dearest Anthoula, I never received an answer from your Mom! That is how serious her intention was. Please ask her why because you can travel wherever you want with your Mom, Liudmila. You can also come and visit me in Sweden!

If your Mom needs clarifications, she can ask her “Significant” friends to check (Interpol and whoever they want) if she has security concerns. I am also willing to underwrite legal documentation if that will make your Mom feel secure.

Also, you have reached an age where you can decide for yourself, and nobody can deny you and your wishes. Perhaps in Belarus, they can because they don’t respect children in Belarus, and they don’t respect Alexandra and you, Anthoula. I will never do what your Mom did to you, Anthoula, and Alexandra, to traumatize you both for a second time and destroy your lives even more. You need your Mom, but obviously, your Mom, Liudmila, and a Perverted Priest do not consider that you need me, your Daddy! That is the “Russian World”!

Anthoulas Birthday Celebration at the Royal Palace in Stockholm 2016

Celebrating Anthoula’s fourth Birthday at the Royal Palace
in Stockholm on 2016.05.29 instead of 2016.06.08

Lemeshonok and Lukashenko-The Face of Neo Nazi and Fascism

Lemeshononok-Lukashenko and the “Russian World” 2023.01.07

Tragically, your Mom, Liudmila, is so BLIND that she doesn’t want to accept that you, Anthoula, and your little sister Alexandra are Manipulated and Brainwashed on a daily basis. With LIES and CRAP from the mentally disabled Lemeshonok and his GANG, because for him, it is only about running a business to make money and profit from weak people in need!

Since you were admitted to the school you are attending now, together with your little sister Alexandra, I have closely followed what has been going on there for many years. What I noticed is the frequency of the change in pedagogues! Out of 26 pedagogues, I can only recognize that 4-6 are the same from the day you started at this “School”. Still, your Mom considers this normal and doesn’t react to the fact the pedagogues are changed like people are changing their underwear. Your Mom, Liudmila, considers this to be NORMAL!

It is not strange that your English is insufficient to hold a conversation in the English language with me. Daddy starts to believe that this is made on purpose, so you, Anthoula, and Alexandra will not be able to read something different from what you are taught or express your thoughts to me.

I hoped your Mom, Liudmila, would let you, Anthoula, and Alexandra learn the Hellenic language. I offered your Mom many times and for many years to pay for this with a private teacher, but she refused with invented excuses! I believe that your Mom, the Clown Lemeshonok, and the “Significant” people around your Mom consider that it is enough for you to only learn about “The Russian Orthodox Faith” and the “Russian World” and not be able to compare sources so you can conclude on your own.

These individuals proved with certainty that they wanted to erase and detach you from the Hellenic culture and me, your Daddy. Thus, they only prove one thing: that they are insecure cowards with inferiority complexes without ethics and morals. And I fear that your Mom, Liudmila, will do something even more Cruel and Evil soon to destroy your lives completely. Just to feel that she has detached you completely from your Hellenic Heritage and me.

I could never imagine that your Mom, Liudmila, would be so Evil and Cruel!

SCHOOL IXHVIS - The preparation and creation of a new Hitler Youth Generation

SCHOOL IXHVIS at St Elisabeth’s Monastery
The Creation of a New Hitler Youth Generation  Oct. 2022

The Bible says, Happy are those with a poor mind because they shall reach Heaven. Lemeshonok, don’t say that the Earth’s life for these people will be a HELL! I am sure your Mom, Liudmila, understands what I am writing now very well.

I don’t have words to describe the pain and sorrow many people and young children face because some Barbars and Monsters want to satisfy their Criminal Imperialistic dreams. I believe that the Dreams of these cowards will soon be over.

You cannot defeat people willing to DIE for their Country, their Families, Justice, and Democracy! These people are courageous and proud and ready to DIE for their IDEALS.

A long time ago, Winston Churchill made a Quote when a reporter said that the Greeks fight like Heroes. Churchill answered them, NO, the Heroes Fight like Greeks! Stalin also made a similar Quote to Winston Churchill about the Hellenic people who fought the Nazis during the second world war.

And now Daddy will make a Quote; the Greek Heroes were fighting like the Ukrainian people are fighting now, and they will win in the end because they are willing to DIE for FREEDOM and LIBERTY!

Stalin, by the way, started the Second World War together with Hitler, but somewhere on the road, they disagreed about the split-up of Europe, and this was the reason why they started to fight each other and the reason why the USSR got involved in the Second World War.

You will never be taught these facts in Andrei Lemeshonok’s “School Ichvis” and, generally, in the fake “Russian World”, which does whatever it can to manipulate and erase facts from its dark History and create an identity based on lies and the perversion of History.

This is an Open Letter to you, Anthoula and Alexandr, that will be uploaded on Your Websites:

For the moment, it will be only uploaded on:

I will not stop my fight before I have isolated Andrei Lemeshonok and his gang together with the Monster and Freak with a Wicked mind in London who participated in the Abduction of Alexandra and you, Anthoula. The Freak in Stockholm is already monitored, and not only by me!

Lukashenko, I don’t even mention it because he is already finished! Your Mom should start to think of the day we will meet again because nobody will cover her Popka (Ass) anymore.

Perhaps it is time for her to change her attitude because I am the only one who cares about her and you, Anthoula and Alexandra, without expecting anything in return until now! I only asked your Mom for several years to let you both learn the Hellenic language so we could communicate without a language barrier between us……………..

What your Mom is doing to us is EVIL, CRUEL, and has nothing to do with CHRISTIANITY. It is BARBARIC and PRIMITIVE!

Anthie and Alexandra, Daddy Loves You

My Love knows no Distance
Your Daddy,
Nicolaos Cheropoulos
Stockholm, Jun 2023

Reviewed Oct. 2023