My Love Knows No Distance Anthoula and Alexandra
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AA 2023.06.08 My Dearest Anthoula, today is your Day, a very special Day for all Humans, the day of their Birth.

Если вы подумали, что я забыл вас и не хочу больше общаться с вами и Александрой, то вы ошибаетесь, моя дорогая! Я никогда от тебя не откажусь!

Anthoulas Birthday Cake

Happy Birthday my Love.

If you thought that I had forgotten you and didn’t want to talk with You and Alexandra anymore, then you are wrong, my Dear! I am never GIVING UP ON YOU!

Never Enough

You look Wonderful in the white dress Daddy bought for you, and your performance was GREAT, my Love.

Please do your best to have good grades in school because Daddy knows that you, Anthoula, and Alexandra will need it in the future. I am begging you, never give up, and Daddy will be there to help you and Alexandra if you want to study abroad.

Alexandras Birthday Cake

The delivery of your Birthday Cake was an adventure, dear Alexandra. The Bakeries in Minsk ignored my request when I reached out to them. Therefore, Daddy has to do it in another way. I am sorry for the delay, my Love, but I hope you will enjoy your cake together with your sister Anthoula.

Flowers for Anthoula and Alexandra

Flowers for Anthoula and Alexandra

Balloons for Anthoula on her Birthday 2023.06.08

Birthday Balloons for Anthoula

Anthoula in my arms after her Birthday Celebration 2016

Anthie’ in my arms after her Birthday Celebration in 2016

My Love knows no Distance

I love you Endlessly and will stay by your side, Anthoula, and Alexandra, when you need me and as long as I am alive.

Your Daddy Nicolaos, 2023.06.08
Reviewed Oct. 2023