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AA 2022.08.12 The Restauration project of our home in Thessalonica-Hellas, Completed

My Dearest Anthoula and Alexandra,

Anthoula and Alexandra with Liudmila 2016

Anthoula and Alexandra with Liudmila 2016

Daddy finally managed to complete the restoration project of our home in Thessalonica, unfortunately with a few obstacles. I did not install a new air-conditioner as planned because the surface outside of the building must be maintained, but the building administration shows reluctance to this serious issue. Daddy also didn’t have the time to connect the radiators, which needed to be maintained.

The surface outside our  home in Thessalonica

A few days ago, another issue popped up, the Jacuzzi Cabin is leaking, and Daddy must change the applied silicone on all the joints. Otherwise, our neighbor, Mr. Andreas, on the fourth floor will have problems, and Daddy doesn’t want that to happen. I will not do it this time because I am exhausted and the time is not enough.

The Bathroom in connection with the Bedroom

All the work took much time and effort, and often, Daddy was on his way to giving up because there was always something new popping up, but Daddy was thinking about you both, and that gave him energy and inspiration to continue……..

Anthie and Alexandra in Thessalonica July 2016

Anthie and Alexandra in Thessalonica 2016.07.26

I hoped I would have plenty of time to go on holiday to some beautiful Island in Hellas to rest and recharge my batteries. But not this time!

In any case, Daddy is pleased and satisfied with the result because I did it for you, Anthoula, and Alexandra so that you will have a decent, modern, and clean home to visit in Thessalonica when the time comes. I also promised myself never to buy furniture from IKEA again. They are made with saliva and paper, and the quality has become terrible! Therefore, next time I visit our home in Thessalonica, I will order handmade quality furniture.

I hope the building administration will soon start to maintain the building because it was many years ago. Otherwise, there is a considerable risk that all the work Daddy did will be destroyed again.

Finally, I received the last items for our home on Wednesday, 10th of August, which were not from IKEA. It was a bed sofa, dinner table, and furniture for the bedroom balcony where Daddy was sitting in the morning and drinking his FRAPPE with great pleasure.

The Balcony Furniture

The new furniture on the Bedroom Balcony

The Livingroom with the Open Fire

View of the living room with the Open Fire

The Dining Table

The new Dining Table

The Bedroom connected with the Balcony

In the Bedroom where you were sleeping, Anthoula and Alexandra and playing on the Balcony

My Love knows no Distance

From your Daddy, with Love
Nicolaos Cheropoulos
Hellas-Thessalonica, Aug. 2022
Reviewed Oct. 2023