From our Home in Thessalonica
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AA 2022.06.14 The start of the restoration Project of our home in Thessalonica-Hellas

Dear Anthoula and Alexandra,

Anthoula and Alexandra

Daddy has been in Hellas since the 10th of June and started restoring our home in Thessalonica immediately.

I hired two technicians to paint and do the restoration, but they did such bad work, that Daddy threw them out after three days and decided to do all the work himself.

There is a lot of work to do, but Daddy will complete the project and not give up.

You see, it was three years ago Daddy visited Hellas, and many things in our home need to be fixed. Daddy will send photos to you when he completes the project.

Thus, there was a lot of work to do; Daddy found the time to escape and meet with our friends.

On the 10th of June, Stavros, with his beautiful sports car, met me at the International Airport of Thessalonica

At the Airport with Stavros 2022.06.10

International Airport of Thessalonica 2022.06.10

The day after, I met with Anna, Litsa, and Vassilis, and we went out to eat tasty Hellenic food,
which Daddy missed so much

Dinner with Vassilis Litsa and Anna 2022.06.11

On the 13th of June, Holy Spirit Monday, Stavros and I went out for dinner in the evening, eating delicious seafood and drinking some fresh and tasty wine.

Daddy is sending you a photo with a background of the beautiful and vibrant city of Thessalonica

With Stavros on the Holy Spirit Monday 2022.06.13

With Stavros - Daddy thinking of you Anthoula and Alexandra 2022.06.13

Daddy will send you new photos when the project is completed (hopefully:))

I love and miss you very much, Anthoula and Alexandra………

Let Them Love Stop Parental Alienation

From your Daddy, with Love 
Nicolaos Cheropoulos 
Hellas-Thessalonica, June 2022 
Reviewed Oct. 2023