Anthoula and Alexandra in Thessalonica July 2016
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Find My Parent

Anthoula and Alexandra having fun at home in Stockholm

Anthie and Alexandra in Hellas July 2016

Anthie and Alexandra in Thessalonica 2016.07.26

Post Cards sent to Anthie' and Alexandra 2022.01.31

Post Cards sent to Anthie’ and Alexandra 2022.01.31

”Fast forward to today, I have not been allowed to speak to my two girls since June of 2021. The last I heard, my daughters were stuck at the coronavirus-infected Saint Elisabeth Convent in Minsk. I have reached out to their mother numerous times to offer unconditional financial and emotional support related to the negative development of conditions in Minsk-Belarus. The situation is escalating day by day because of Belarus’s involvement in the war against Ukraine.

I have offered to pay for my daughter’s schooling as well as Swedish or Greek language classes so I am able to speak to them in the future – all have been refused without any logical explanation.

I reached the peak of my frustration in June 2019 when Anthie could not understand what I was trying to tell her over the phone, and she simply told me: ‘Daddy, I do not understand.’ – and she hung up the phone on me. (Let us not forget that my daughters are still small, and of course, they do not fully understand what is going on with their lives). This left me devastated. When you deal with an uncooperative, egocentric, manipulative abductor, he or she will make sure they hurt you the most they can, and this is exactly what Liudmila does: she tries to minimize my presence in my daughters’ life.”

– Nicolaos Cheropoulos, Left Behind Parent

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