In a Cafe with Alexandra early in the Summer 2016
Picture of Nicolas


AA 2022.04.08 3/4 Articles published about the Abduction of Anthie’ and Alexandra

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On a Picknik few days after our return from Holidays in Hellas 2016.08.07

On Picknik, a few days after our return from Holidays in Hellas, 2016.08.07

Celebrating Anthoulas Birthday in Minsk 2019.06.08

Celebrating Alexandras Birthday in a Cafe in Minsk late in the evening 2019.04.01

“In 2014, Liudmila suddenly started to frequently visit the local Russian Orthodox Church in Stockholm. Looking back, I realized why this Church became so active – in 2014, Russia invaded Ukraine and annexed Crimea, and the Russian church had been used as one of the propaganda tools among the Russian-speaking communities abroad. And this is exactly what has also happened with this church.

Throughout the year, I just watched in disbelief at how Liudmila turned into a mental zombie telling people that “new times” were coming and that the new Great Russia would save the world. She started to dress very conservatively, constantly prayed, decorated our apartment with pictures of icons, and only read the Bible and other religious materials. She spent more time at the church and with her church friends than with her own family. She also started to treat me with hostility because I was not sharing her religious and political views.

My despair reached a breaking point when my own daughter Anthie started to kiss my hands the way she did at the church. Taking everything into account, I proposed to split. I thought that we would share custody of the children, and in this way, I would be in a better position to detach our children from this madness. However, when she heard my proposal, she threatened to harm our children and herself if I left her. Given her ongoing mental health issues, I got very scared and never mentioned this to her ever again. Looking back, I now know that I should have ignored her threats, and I should have contacted all the relevant authorities to help me protect our children. Now, I am paying dearly for my mistake.”

– Nicolaos Cheropoulos, Left Behind Parent

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