Alexandra after Anthoulas Birthday Celebration
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AA 2022.04.01 Happy Birthday, Dear Alexandra, on your Birthday, the first of April
Happy Birthday dear Alexendra on your seventh Birthday

Another year has passed far away from you, dear Alexandra, and my precious Anthoula. Daddy is full of pain and sorrow in his soul.

Unfortunately, Mama decided not to allow me to talk with you again in June 2021. Perhaps you can ask Mama why she doesn’t let me talk with you and Anthie’?

In a few days, you will have your Birthday. The 1st of April is indeed an extraordinary day because a bright star was born on that day. That STAR was you, my dearest Alexandra, and Papa started to make plans for your future. The same way I did for our beloved Anthoula.

I love you with all my Heart

Anthoula and Alexandra enjoying homemade ice cream in Thessalonica Hellas 2016.07.30

Alexandra and Anthoula in Thessalonica July 2016

But suddenly, both of you were taken away from Daddy! And now, even worse, suddenly, both of you are in a war zone! Because some mentally retarded people decided to start a “Holy War” and kill innocent people and small children under the pretext of Christianity.

I am sure that you, Alexandra, and our Anthoula would like to have some answers to many questions when you grow up. You will find the answers to many of your questions on the Website Papa created for you and Anthoula. Hopefully, the people around you will not manage to destroy your Critical thinking and Free Mind. Daddy, pray that this will never happen!

For the moment, both of you are safe, but Daddy doesn’t know for how long, and this makes me sick and worried.

I reached out to your Mama, offering her help because I don’t know if she has enough money to buy food, so you will not have to go to bed with an empty stomach, but she decided not to answer me. I am trying to call your home phone at Kizhevatova (КИЖЕВАТОВА 64-24, МИНСК) almost every day, but nobody answers my calls. I also try to call Mama on her mobile phone, but she never answers when she sees that it is Daddy who calls.

Therefore, Papa makes an open Appeal to everyone who will read this letter from Belarus and the rest of the world to call you on your Birthday 1st of April, Alexandra, and tell you that I LOVE YOU and Anthoula very much. Home +375 17 2126770   Mobile +375 44 519 57 44

С Днем Рождения, дорогая Александра!
Папа любит Тебя и Энти больше всего на свете.

Daddy would like to arrange your birthday celebration the same way he did last year. But, it is not possible anymore because of all the restrictions against Russia and Belarus for their aggression against Ukraine.

Unfortunately, now you are in a country in turmoil, ruled by crazy people without dignity and self-respect. My heart is bleeding because I was so naïve, and I cannot forgive myself that I believed somebody who begged and cried to have the last chance, somebody who didn’t deserve it!

I wish I could be near to hug and kiss you and to show you and Anthoula how much I love you both. And later, we could go out for dinner to a nice and elegant restaurant and give you both a lot of presents. But this is not possible anymore because some primitive minds decided so.

I love You, my dear Alexandra, and wish You a Happy Birthday
Full of Joy, beautiful Memories, and a lot of Surprises.

Alexandras Birthday Photos of delivered Presents and Flowers

Anthie and Alexandra, Daddy Loves You


Ο Μπαμπάς σας αγαπάει περισσότερο από οτιδήποτε άλλο σε αυτόν τον Κόσμο

С Днем Рождения, дорогая Александра!
Папа любит Тебя и Энти больше всего на свете.