Holidays in Thessalonica Greece, July 2016.
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AA 2022.02.12 Postcards were sent to my two Angels, Anthie’ and Alexandra, so they will know that I still exist……….!

Postcards were sent to my two Angels, Anthie’ and Alexandra

On February 12, 2022, I sent another set of decorated postcards to my daughters Anthie’ & Alexandra, continuing to hope that I will be able to reach out to them so they will know that I am thinking of them every day and that I Love them more than anything else in this world full of evil and ruthless people. I miss them very much and feel that I am burning out like a candle.

Postcard to Anthie' 2022.02.12

It is killing me not to hear your voices, at least because some ruthless people decided so. Daddy loves you very much and will survive these challenges, no matter how. Therefore, Daddy started to go to the Gym again in November 2021 to be strong and healthy and build up his body both physically and emotionally.

Perhaps I will send some photos to you, Anthie’ and Alexandra when Daddy is training so you will see how hard he is training to maintain good physiology.

Daddy has also planned to go to Hellas in early June and will stay there for about 3 months so he will refill his batteries with energy and continue his battle against all those who make you sad and don’t let you even talk with Daddy. These are mentally weak people without self-confidence and self-respect.

Postcard to Alexandra 2022.02.12

Do what makes You Happy and what makes You Smile.
Laugh as much as You breathe and Love as long as You live……..

Anthoula and Alexandra enjoying homemade ice cream in Thessalonica Hellas 2016.07.30

Anthoula and Alexandra enjoying homemade ice cream in Thessalonica-Hellas 2016.07.30

I love you and miss you both very much.
Your Daddy, Nicolaos
Stockholm 2022.02.12 

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