Holidays in Thessalonica Greece, July 2016.
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AA 2022.01.08 The last resident of Grandmother Anthoula & Grandfather Alexandros, my beloved Parents

My beloved Anthoula and Alexandra,

Today I visited your Grandmother Anthoula and your Grandfather, Alexandros’ last residence. They wish you a Happy New Year with Health and Joy. They also told me that they are always with you and constantly watching over you.

Grandparents Alexandros and Anthoula's Last Resident 2022.01.08

Alexandros and Anthoula my Parents

Alexandros & Anthoula, my Parent’s 1956

I asked them to take care of you, and I begged them to help me in every possible way to enlighten your mom. Maybe she finally understands what crime has been committed against you and what she has deprived you of in life.

I hope Mommy understands this soon before you are completely destroyed by the primitive and dangerous people you both have around you right now.

Dad will continue his battle until justice shines. I hope this happens soon before it is too late because you both deserve a better life, and a better future away from the misery and lies you are told on a daily basis.

I would be thrilled if you would send me a postcard, telling me how you are, what you are doing, your dreams for the future, or if you need anything. Daddy will help immediately, but your mamma must allow us to talk to each other and not use you as a blackmail tool.

Daddy is willing to stand by you and help you, but not under the conditions imposed by your mamma.

It’s been almost five years since Mom kidnapped you from our home in Stockholm, and I didn’t get a single postcard. Dad understands the reasons and does not criticize you, Anthoula, or Alexandra because he knows that your mamma and the primitive people around you never allowed you to do so.

For my Daughters,

It may be that I don’t see You…..
It may be that I don’t hear You every day
But I am thinking of  You and Love You EVERY DAY

My Love knows no Distance

I love you very much, and I miss you unimaginably,

Your Daddy Nicolaos
Stockholm, Jan. 2022
Reviewed Oct. 2023