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AA 2021.06.27 The Fragile Soul of Children and the Destruction of it – Words from a Professional

Imagine you went for a walk in the mountains with your mom and dad. Suddenly an earthquake began. You, as a child, are holding the hands of your parents. Around the earth, trembling and collapsing.

At some point, you, a child, realize that you cannot keep both of your parents. If you do not free one hand, you will all be lost!  And now you, a child, must make the ultimate decision: you need to unclench one hand, and one of the parents will fall into the abyss, but you can save one of your parents, supporting him/her with both of your hands …

This is an impossible and painful choice: you must throw one of the closest people in your life into the abyss in order to save the second parent with your other free hand.

When this task is carried out with children and with adults – to the question of whom they will save and whom they will abandon – the answer is most often the following. Children will save their mothers. They will abandon their father. This is the law of nature; the mother is closer to the child. And the mother is “weaker”. Leaving the father, children talk about the fact that he is strong and dexterous, and will save himself …. so, children always save the mother.

And now psychology: how do children feel in a situation of such a painful choice?

Children feel guilt and regret about the father they had to abandon.

They hate the mother they saved.

This is the result of the choice the child is forced to face in such situations.

I have heard many stories of such “saved” mothers. With tears, they said that “the son never asked about the father,” and “the daughter never wanted to meet with the father”. Then the women say that they have given all their resources to children. And what is the result? HATRED.

Children curse such mothers. They behave destructively, they do not feel calm, confident, and happy. This is the price for the fact that the father was erased from the child’s memory, BY A LOVING MOTHER!?

So many more tears and disappointments in motherhood await these “loving mothers”. And they have only themselves to blame; the fault for this is only theirs for Kidnapping/Abducting their own Children. This is not love for your child/children; this is a MONSTROUS action by twisted minds and the path to psychological harm, trauma, and destruction of your child’s future and healthy development.

For the records; from the 8th of June 2021, my children are denied (again) the right to communicate with me, their father. The reason; I didn’t accept paying to send my children to a “Military Camp for Children”  under the supervision of the Charlatan Andrei Lemeshonok and business manager of  St. Elisabeth Convent in Minsk! This is an act from a loving mother who claims to care about what is in the best interest of our children………!

Nicolaos AA Cheropoulos
Father of Anthie’ & Alexandra
Stockholm, June 2021
Reviewed Oct. 2023