Anthoula at Stockholms City Hall 2016.09.18
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AA 2021.06.08 Happy Birthday, my Dear Anthoula – With Love from Daddy ❤

In a few moments, Anthie’s birthday cake and presents will be handed over to her personally, together with Alexandra’s gifts, with the help of good friends in Minsk. Without them, this would be impossible and if the situation in Belarus doesn’t change soon, I don’t think that it will be possible to make such arrangements again! I am forever thankful for their help and support.

My Dearest Anthoula,

Today you have your birthday again, a magical moment when a brilliant Star was born, and Daddy’s life changed from one moment to another in 2012. Suddenly my life got a purpose, a meaning, and Dad did whatever he could to guide and protect you both from the cruelty of the world you were born into. Unfortunately, Daddy failed to protect you enough because he trusted people he should not, and now you are in a country in turmoil and chaos ruled by crazy people without dignity and self-respect.

My heart is bleeding that I was so naïve, and I am not able to forgive myself for that. Your Grandmother Anthoula always told Daddy not to believe in people so easily, but Daddy never listens to what she told me; this is tearing my heart into pieces every day for the last four years that I believed somebody who begged and cried to have the last chance, somebody who didn’t deserve it!

Some perverted and sick minds decided to separate us in 2017 and take you and Alexandra far away without Dad knowing. I wish God to punish all those who decided to ruin your lives and future.

Dad continues his fight against all those who try to hurt and destroy you and Alexandra so you will become like themselves to fit into the sick system of a society that has proven to have failed!

I wish I could be near you, my dear, to hug you, to kiss you, and give you your Birthday presents myself, but Daddy cannot do that because a Crazy man and his GANG of Terrorists will put Daddy in prison because they say, I have insulted the Crazy leader of Belarus.

I promise you, my dearest Anthoula and Alexandra, Daddy will be in Minsk the next day changes will come to Belarus. All the people of Belarus deserve to be respected, to have Freedom and Democracy in a country where the Rule of Law is respected and above all and everyone!

Daddy will always be around and near You and Alexandra. Daddy will never give up on you both, this I promise.

I love You, my dear Anthoula, and wish You a Happy Birthday full of Joy and Beautiful Surprises.

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Photo Collage for Anthoulas birthday 2021.06.08

Birthday Cake to Anthoula 2021.06.08

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Birthday Presents 2021.06.08 3

Birthday Presents 2021.06.08 2

Birthday Presents for Anthoula and Alexandra 2021.06.08

Presents for my Daughters 2021.06 1

Presents for my Daughters 2021.06 2

Anthie and Alexandra, Daddy Loves You

Birthday Flowers to Anthoula 2021.06.08


My Love knows no Distance

From Daddy With Love
Nicolaos Cheropoulos
Father of Anthie’ and Alexandra
Stockholm, June 2021
Reviewed Oct. 2023