Holidays in Thessalonica Greece, July 2016.
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AA 2021.05.30 Was allowed to talk with my Kids again with one hour delay, but it’s OK, I have to accept it

Today on Sunday, I talked with my wonderful Kids. It’s a moment I have longed for all week. Anthie’ didn’t look so sad today and was communicative more than usual. Alexandra is always up to something and trying to tease me all the time🤗.

This Sunday, I decided to talk Greek only with Anthie’ and Alexandra to bypass their mother so the translation will not be “modified”. To my big surprise, Anthie’ told her mother Liudmila when asked if she understood me, and Anthie’ answered that she understood everything Papa was saying!! I felt so happy and encouraged to continue, my Angel didn’t forget the Greek language, and I will work more intensively to break the language barrier created between us. Anthie’ even explained to Alexandra when she didn’t understand something😊.

Parental Alienation

I also prepared myself with what I wanted to say to my children. I wrote it in English, Google translated it into Russian as an alternative, and tried to read it in the Russian language. When I was not able to pronounce it, I pushed the button, and a Russian voice was reading what I wanted to tell, loud enough so my Kids would hear and understand the sentences. This is SUPER!!!

I was also informed that the parcel with the Laptop and some presents will be delivered in a couple of days. That means that I have to prepare for the Math/English lessons with Anthie’ and Alexandra next Sunday (I hope).

Until next Sunday, I will continue to chew on the bone like a hungry street dog. I don’t mind. It’s better than NOTHING! Every moment with my Kids is worth more than anything else in this world, and we will succeed in erasing the language barrier between us in the end.

Now I am starting to prepare for Anthie’s birthday on the 8th of June, there are big surprises waiting for Anthie’ and Alexandra.

Pappa Loves you, Anthoula and Alexandra💖💘

Let Them Love Stop Parental Alienation

Nicolaos AA Cheropoulos
Father of Anthie’ & Alexandra
Stockholm, May 2021
Reviewed Oct. 2023