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AA 2021.05.23 Another moment with my Kids on Viber today and Ms. Trafimovich’s hidden Agenda Finally Exposed

Today, on Sunday 23rd of May, I was allowed to talk with my Kids again. Unfortunately, with great sadness and worry, to see my elder daughter’s sad face full of sorrow. This is ripping my heart in pieces!

SCHOOL IXHVIS - The preparation and creation of a new Hitler Youth Generation

We try desperately to communicate and overcome the language barrier between us. A language barrier which was created on purpose by Ms. Trafimovich, the mother of my daughters Anthie’ and Alexandra.

Ms. Trafimovich was provocative today and clearly expressed the color of her hidden Agenda, which has a Green color, and it is about Money. I was accused of not supporting her financially for four years and that I am only supporting her now in matters that are related only to my own interests! 

Honestly, I have very difficulty following her logic, and it sounds more like some of Lukashenko’s “Delirium” outbreaks. A man whom she, by the way, is faithful to and supports with blind dedication.

For the records, Ms. Trafimovich chose an extreme religious school behind my back under the leadership of the Charlatan and Con Artist Andrei Lemeshonok. It took me 5 months, facing hundreds of obstacles, to find out what school my daughter Anthie’ and her little sister Alexandra attend through the Ministry of Education of Belarus. This was achieved only because of my lawyer’s and my own persistence. It took my lawyer and me another 5 months to get the health records of my children after I was told by Anthie’, my elder daughter, that Alexandra was hospitalized together with her mother.

I got this information by chance because that day, Anthie’ was alone at home with Ms. Trafimovich’s sister Svetlana! That day Ms. Trafimovich was not present to censor my daughter’s communication with me!

The health records of my children clearly describe that both of my children were hospitalized for Covid 19. We also found out that Ms. Trafimovich was also infected at St. Elisabeth’s Convent in Minsk, where the businessman Andrei Lemeshonok is the big boss!

It is obvious and very clear that Ms. Trafimovich has a weird perception of reality, the same weird and insane perception that Lukashenko and his criminal Gang have about reality. These people with degenerated minds and a “Parasitic Ideology”, should urgently visit a mental institution to get some help.

Therefore, after the meeting with my Kids today was over, I sent the following letter to Ms. Trafimovich both by Viber and E-mail:

Dear Liudmila,
I would like to define and make clear the following;

From now on: 

  1. I will participate in costs/expenses related to my daughter’s health
  2. I will buy and send them gifts from time to time (clothes, presents)
  3. I will participate in any other activity that I have been allowed to choose together with you and agreed on.
  4. I will never support anything that has been made behind my back without considering the best interests of my CHILDREN.

I clearly declare that I will not support Fascists, Nazis, and Charlatans like Andrei Lemeshonok with Parasitic Ideology who are destroying my daughters so they will fit their degenerated system with incompetent losers.

Military excercises at School ICHVIS Monastery School

Therefore, your arguments about a parent’s responsibility and obligations are almost funny. You committed a crime, Lukashenko and his Usurpers (you can read about them on committed crimes against my children and me by covering up your crimes. So, with what right and logic do you expect me now to finance your criminal actions!? This sounds like Lukashenko’s desperate attempt to find somebody to finance his criminal activities!?? 

Instead, I advise you to think about tomorrow because there will be a tomorrow, and I will try to stay alive to see this tomorrow! 

Another thing which I would like you to consider is I don’t want your belongings in my home anymore because I want to proceed with my life. Therefore, please tell me how you would like to solve this in the best possible way instead of me throwing them away. I have been saving them for 4 years, but now I want them out of my home. I want to proceed with my life.

Nicolaos AA Cheropoulos
Father of Anthie’ & Alexandra
Stockholm, May 2021

Amendment with latest development 2021.05.25

On the 25th of May, I received messages through VIBER late in the evening where I was accused by Ms. Trafimovich that I made my daughter Anthie’ sad and that she was crying because I insisted on changing her school!

First of all, I don’t have a common language with my children, so we can communicate freely and not have to depend and rely on Ms. Trafimovich’s translations of what I say to my children.

Secondly, I will never try to change the school my daughter attends. It is too late now. The damage has already been done. It will only traumatize her even more. Andrei Lemeshonok has already destroyed, manipulated, and indoctrinated my daughter together with their mother for two years now at the Monastery School Anthie’ is forced to attend, and soon these monsters will do the same to my daughter Alexandra.

I answered Ms. Trafimovich and begged her to stop lying to Anthie’ and not use it as an argument to scare her, to frighten her. This is monstrous! Ms. Trafimovich continued to accuse me until I asked her why she was perverting the truth. I told her that I am recording my digital meetings with my Kids just because I know what to expect from her, and I clearly didn’t say what she told my daughter Anthie’! After this, Liudmila (Ms. Trafimovich) stopped her outrageous lies and accusations.

Amended 26th of May 2021,
Nicolaos AA Cheropoulos
Reviewed Oct. 2023