Holidays in Thessalonica Greece, July 2016.
Picture of Nicolas


AA 2021.05.16 A moment of happiness, on Sunday, 16th of May, I was allowed to talk with my Daughters again.

Every moment feels like it is the last moment of my life. I am so eager to express my love and affection for my children simply to catch up.

Photo Collage for Anthoulas birthday 2021.06.08

Thus, I know and remember that four years of their lives were stolen from my children and me, four years in which I was not allowed to participate in their upbringing, upraising, and development. So many memories were lost and stolen from us, memories that will never come back.

I love my children, and I am happy that their mother finally allowed me to have some kind of communication with them, although it is with a hidden Agenda (which starts to have a color), under censorship and a language barrier. So, I have to be very careful when I talk with my Kids.

At the same time, to feel my heart ripped in parts and my soul bleeding when I see the sadness and sorrow on the face of my elder daughter Anthie’. My little Hero Anthie’ tries very hard to cover this up, to hide it, but Daddy knows his Angel too well and understands that everything is not so rosy in her soul.

Celebrating Alexandras Birthday in a Cafe in Minsk late in the evening 2019.04.01

She wants me to be near her, she wants us all to be together, to feel some kind of security, but she is trying very hard to cover this up and act like an adult when she talks with me. I know this sad face full of sorrow too well, I grew up missing my parents when we came to Sweden in 1965. They had to work hard while I was sitting at the window, waiting for them to come home.

It is hard to act like an adult when you are a child. It’s difficult, if not impossible, to hide the sorrow.

At that time,  Sweden needed only workers in their factories to build up the country. My father’s diploma as a civil economist from Greece was not needed. He died as a worker but never complained about it.

I wish that I could be near my children Anthie’ and Alexandra, to take them in my arms, to hug them, to kiss them, and show them my Love and Affection. The feeling of not being able to do that is unbearable, but I do not have any other choice than to accept every little moment, every little thing that is given to me. Like a hungry street dog that is thrown a bone to chew on.

I pray and hope that the situation in Belarus will change ASAP so I can go there and be with my children, but also see Belarus as a free country where the Rule of Law is respected and honored. As the situation is now, I will be put in jail for insulting the Criminal and Murderer Lukashenko and his Terrorist GANG.
Nicolas AA Cheropoulos
Father of Anthie’ and Alexandra
Stockholm, May 2021
Reviewed Oct. 2023