Holidays in Thessalonica Greece, July 2016.
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AA 2021.05.09 A sad Sunday, it was supposed that I will talk with my Kids, but Ms. Trafimovich changed planes at the last minute

On the 9th of May, when most of the world was celebrating the end of World War 2, and Mother’s Day, I sent a message to congratulate Ms. Trafimovich. Although I knew that this day was solely used to promote Fascistic propaganda by Lemeshonok and Lukashenko.

Responsibility finds a way Irresponsibility makes Excuses

In response, I got a message that Anthie’ had some performance with the (Monastery) choir, and the meeting with my Kids was therefore postponed!? This was around 16:30 Minsk time.

This information was given to me only because of the message I previously sent to Ms. Trafimovich in the afternoon. I asked why I was not informed earlier about this because it was her own proposal to allow me to talk with my Kids every Sunday at 18:00!?

I reacted to this because the previous week, the same situation occurred, and the communication with my Kids was postponed to another day.

I received the following message from Ms. Trafimovich, which I Google-translated into English:

Hi Nicolas! Children will always have objective reasons why we cannot talk to you every Sunday at 17.00. I went before you and offered to talk to the children on Monday. That you work extra on Monday, these are your objective reasons.
Tomorrow, Tuesday is a day off in Belarus – we can talk to you tomorrow.

I replied to Ms. Trafimovich late in the night:

Once again, you are using our children as a reason to justify your personal choices, reasons, and negligence. I feel sorry for you… By the way, it is not a holiday in Sweden tomorrow. It is a working day. Therefore, at least show some respect to your own proposal, which was that you will let me communicate with my daughters every Sunday at 18.00 Minsk time. Prove that you have some decency left!?

On the 11th of May, I received the following threat from Ms. Trafimovich;

If you insult me, I will not support your ideas and your wishes.

I replied to Ms. Trafimovich:

That will be your choice once again and not the objectives of our daughters!?

I don’t think it is necessary to make any further comment on the above interaction. Everything is very clear and obvious. Thus, I have a small question; Since when did Ms. Trafimovich start to care about the objectives of our Children, this is a Mystery to me(!?).

The previous day, on the 10th of May, I also managed to send the last Birthday Presents for Anthie’. I hope with all my heart that they will arrive in Minsk in good time before her birthday on the 8th of June so they will be delivered together with a very special BIRTHDAY CAKE on Anthie’s big day  🥰.

I am very anxious about the delivery with PostNord because I already have some issues with a parcel I previously sent to my Kids, with a Laptop and educational material. It was sent to Russia instead of Belarus!

PostNord got a new Transport System

Nicolaos AA Cheropoulos
Father of Anthie’ & Alexandra
Stockholm, May 2021
Reviewed Oct. 2023