Holidays in Thessalonica Greece, July 2016.
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AA 2021.04.25 Another Opportunity to communicate with my Kids was given to me today.

Communication with my daughters Anthie’ and Alexandra for about 30 minutes via VIBER video call

I talked with my children today through Viber, and I feel so happy about it. So much time has been lost because of Liudmilas (the mother of my daughters) unwillingness to let me do this in the past. Perhaps I would have been able to maintain their language skills in the Greek and Swedish language. Anyway, we will start to study together Math & English as soon they receive the Laptop I have sent them recently by post.

Meanwhile, I must advertise to find a Greek language teacher in Minsk ASAP who handles the Greek language very well. Unfortunately, the teacher I found for my children earlier was not available what I understood. That was bad news because she was good and spoke the Greek language fluently without any pronunciation issues.

My elder daughter also asked me when I would visit them again 😲😢😢!?? I told her that I would be in Minsk the day after Belarus changed its leadership.

To explain, I know that I will get in jail as soon I am on the territory because of the Website I created for my children where I am exposing the criminal Lukashenko and his Terrorist Gang!

I also know two left-behind fathers who are banned from entering Belarus, one of them until 2026. At least these two fathers were announced that they are “Persona Non-Grata.” Unfortunately, I never got the privilege of getting such a notification from the criminal Gang of Luka.

So, what is the master plan of Luka, Turtle, and Slizhevskiy!??

To lure me into getting to Belarus through my children and then exchange me for the two Belarusian citizens hiding from the Belarusian Judicial Cruelty at the Swedish Embassy in Minsk!? I have news for you Luka, Turtle, and Slizhevskiy, Sweden, will be happy to get rid of the acne they have in their ass 😚 . Sweden will tell you; that you can have him 🤣.

If this is the master plan of Luka and his Gang, then they only prove how stupid and degenerated they really are. But as I am a polite person, I send them a lot of Greek Kisses (Greeks know what that means).

Nicolaos AA Cheropoulos
Father of Anthie’ and Alexandra Cheropoulou
Stockholm, April 2021
Reviewed Oct. 2023