Holidays in Thessalonica Greece, July 2016.
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AA 2021.04.04 My first communication with my Children Anthie’ and Alexandra since May 2020.

Yesterday was a great day which gave me some energy and motivation to continue to do whatever I can for my two wonderful Kids. The last time I had any contact with them was early in May 2020, when they were infected with the Coronavirus.

Anthie and Alexandra in Hellas July 2016

Anthie and Alexandra in Hellas July 2016

Ms. Trafimovich proposed herself and allowed us to have a video call for 70 minutes, I am very thankful for her initiative and expressed my gratitude! There were problems in the communication with my Kids because of the language barrier, but I was prepared with an app. on which I wrote in English, and it converted the text into voice in the Russian language when I pushed the button, so I was able to communicate with them somehow.

My daughter Anthie’ still remembers the Greek Language but can not express the words anymore. However, she understands me, and that is great. My Alexandra, don’t understand any Greek, unfortunately.

While trying to talk with my Kids, mostly with Anthie, who expressed that she wants to learn the Greek language, I asked Trafimovich if it was OK for her and told her that I would pay for it. She asked me if I could send her contact info from the schools!!! I answered that she had all the information in her mailbox, I have sent it to her repeatedly for more than 2 years now.

While talking with my Kids, I asked Anthie’ if she wanted to learn the English language as well. She answered yes, and Trafimovich had a positive approach to the suggestion, and she will think about it.

I also asked Anthie how it goes at school for her, and she answered that it goes well. When I asked her about her math skills, she started to smile and answered me that it did not go so well (I understood that there was nobody to support and guide her☹), but she must do something; otherwise, it would be too late (can you believe this, my daughter told me this!!!).

My Love knows no Distance

I said to Anthie’ that you were very good at math back in Sweden and Dad will help you to catch up through the internet if Mom will let us study together. Here, Ms. Trafimovich jumped into the discussion and answered that at the school Anthie’ attends, they choose and focus on what children are good at (Liudmilas answer made me very worried because I understand the back thought in her mind)!?

The so-called Church School focuses on teaching the “Orthodox Faith” and brainwashing children into the “Russian World”. That is their main goal. They really don’t care if the Kids will develop their skills in Math, Languages, or any other discipline to succeed in life!

I know my child, and I know her competencies and skills, I spent hundreds of hours with her and her little sister Alexandra back in Stockholm.

I do understand that the so-called school Anthie’ attends in Minsk emphasizes the “Orthodox Tradition” instead of providing the children with a strong and good educational fundament so they will have a good chance to succeed in their lives. As we all know, knowledge is power, and some Usurpers are afraid of that!!

Anyway, I didn’t reply to Trafimovich’s remarks. Instead, I proposed that I can study Maths and English with Anthie through the Internet (this way, I will maintain contact with my Kids and try to help Anthie’ and Alexandra succeed, I know that both of them have the capacity, and I don’t want it to be destroyed). I am very pleased that Ms. Trafimovich answered that she will think about it.

I am also open to paying for extra lessons in Math and English besides Greek in her home if she doesn’t want me to study with my Children.

To conclude:

Trafimovich agreed to have a video call once per week on Sunday

She was interested in letting our Children take lessons in the Greek language and will think about it

She will think about letting me study and teach Anthie’ and Alexandra Math and English via the Internet. If not, I proposed to her to find a teacher in Math and English, and I will cover the costs.

Now I will satisfy some small requests from Anthie’ and Alexandra. They want to have some soft toys from their home in Stockholm (a Giraffe and 2 Bears 😊)

Both of my Kids loved the presents I sent them on Alexandra’s Birthday 1st of April, and Anthie’ loved the book about Greek History. Thus, Ms. Trafimovich considers it to be for adults and not for children. Anyway, what is important is that my Kids are happy, and the book is for children from 9 years old and up, by the way.

Papa Loves you, Anthoula & Alexandra
Thank you Liudmila

Nicolaos AA Cheropoulos
Father of Anthie’ and Alexandra
Stockholm, April 2021
Reviewed Oct. 2023